Friday, August 3, 2012


In all honesty, this has been by far the best class I have taken. I learned so many new tools that I can take right to the library to implement this upcoming year. I was just amazed at the amount of informational tools that are available to use and that are free. When I ask my son or daughter what their favorite "special" is, every year the response is always the same, wherein Library seems to fall in last place. My goal is to make sure that my students think going to library is fun and that they are eager to go becasue it is going to be exciting and challenging at the same time. I really feel that incorporating these newly-discovered tools into the library will transform it into a place where students feel motivated to learn.

Monday, July 23, 2012



What a great resource to have in my back pocket. This was so user friendly with an amazing amount of choices for so many different needs. You can coose to go simple or use all the tools that are available to you. The choices of templates are endless. Students can create their own book and share it with each other without having to make a hard copy. The pictures simply drag righ into the page and then the design of the book is up to you.

Sunday, July 22, 2012



Wordle can be used in so many ways in the Library setting. After reading a book, students can create a wordle on the character traits of a specific character in the book. Students can also use it to advertise a book that they would like their peers to read. It is such a fun an easy tool to use and has so many samples of work to get ideas to use it for different projects.


Hacthet You Tube Video

Photostory is really so easy to use. I can imagine the students developing their own stories. I would like to find out how we can use their own pictures to develop a story. Everything from adding the music, the sound recording and the pictures was so easy. The students will love to see a movie that they created. I could use this in the library to promote different books and the students can create book trailers on books that they have read. For the younger grades, they can create a class story with pictures that they illustrated. A wonderful tool that I will definitely be using this upcoming school year.

Friday, July 20, 2012



I love Google Docs. I want to design so many lessons using this for the upcoming year.. What an amazing tool!!! Cannot wait to explore more with google docs. I can collaborate with fellow librarians on lessons, have students collaborate on research progects, create slideshows and surveys. I created the reality survey, so easy, and I cannot beleive the graphs that are created along with the data. This is a must have for next years school year

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Ice cream, what a perfect image to think of as I am perspiring by the minute!!! Anyway, what a great analogy to represent the different ways technology is able to customize information to meet your individual needs. Social Media in plain English can design  the unique community that can be designed for you. Anywhere from large corporations to personal use, social media can provide the experience that people are looking for.. The benefits of social media are that they are customize for you and not the average person. This video reminded me of the lemonade commercial, where a 10 year old girl, is selling lemonade in front of her house, then through social media word is spread and she becomes a huge corporation. The collaboration that social media creates is the tool that should be used to promote community within the classroom. It is a way to reflect on experiences and learn from others as well as giving opportunities to be open to new information and ideas.

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